From Molehills to Sand Dunes: Six Days in Paradise, Part II

What time did you set the alarm for?” She groaned incredulously. “3:00 AM! Just like last time,” I replied with firmness, staring her down. I decided to sleep with one eye open.

Early Alarm

According to Google and Magellan’s RoadMate app on my iPhone, Destin sat about five and a half hours from Amelia Island. And we all know what happened last time I listened to those to “trusty” sources, don’t we? Instead of taking ten hours to get to Amelia Island, it took more than twelve hours. We blew the entire first day of our once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon trip driving.

That wouldn’t be happening a second time.

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From Molehills to Sand Dunes: Six Days in Paradise, Part I

Alright, let’s get the ten ton gorilla out of the room.

I know that I promised you all a symbiotic “ride along,” so-to-speak, on our recent honeymoon by blogging along the way. I had every intention of blogging every day. Then I decided that would take up too much time and thought that I would post just twice, covering the first three days and the last three days.

But then, my wife put on this really cute red bikini and invited me to the beach. So here I am in paradise with my absolutely beautiful bride who really, really knows how to wear a cute red bikini and, well, suffice it to say that I decided not to blog. If the invitation to the beach wasn’t enough to dissuade me (and, gosh…it was), we had perfect weather (both in and out of the water), inviting ocean breezes, white sandy beaches, great restaurants, tourist traps all around us and really cool Civil War sites to explore.

So tell me: what would you have done? Uh huh. That’s what I thought.

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