Florida or Bust!

So here we are in Fernandina, Florida!

Our journey from Nashville was not without its moments of fun, coupled with long stretches of extreme annoyance on my part and thus agitation for my decidedly better half.

For my faithful followers who don’t know, my wife and I were married two days ago on October 21, 2012 in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee. Now my lovely bride and I are honeymooning on Amelia Island. On Thursday we’ll be moving up the coast to Destin.

I decided to try two little experiments on our vacation: first, taking you all along with us for a vicarious journey of your own–I’ve never blogged while traveling–and secondly, having left my trusty MacBook Pro at home, I wanted to try blogging from my much lighter weight iPad to test the theory of the iPad functioning as a laptop replacement.

Our trip here was filled with twelve hours of adventure including driving through gangland Atlanta and past at least four prisons, one of them a federal penitentiary that my wife commented looked a lot like the state capitol of Georgia.

Sorry, Georgia.

We would have taken a picture, but quite frankly we were pretty sure that at any moment we were going to be shot in that particular location, so we decided to just move along.

So come along, won’t you? I’ll be posting lots of pictures and we’ll have lots of fun!


1 thought on “Florida or Bust!

  1. Waiting for the pictures (aside from the ones you sent where you reflected the insanity of 12 hours of travel you described,
    along with a beautiful Taryn by your side, as well as the other two (one was your honeymoon cottage?). Hope Hurricane Whoever (Sarah?) doesn’t affect you! Looking forward to your next blog entry (um, yeah, and those pictures you promised.!) 🙂

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